Securely Delete Files, Folders, and Disks

Ensure files are no longer recoverable.

Integrates into Windows Explorer, & much more!

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100% Freeware. 100% Malware Free

Microsoft Certified for Windows 10

 Also actively supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, & XP (32 and 64bit)

Secure Delete Methods

ioCleaner employs several different secure delete methods in order to ensure data is removed according to specific standards.

Integrate into Windows Explorer

Easily access SecureShred from Windows Explorer and delete files, folders, and empty the Recycle Bin.

Disk Shredding Utilities

Destroy entire disks, wipe the free space, and clear the MFT (Master File Table) to ensure disk data is not recoverable.

Professional-Grade Data Removal

Feel confident that your data will not be recoverable even to the most advanced forensic techniques.

100% Free. 100% Malware and Spyware Free. No gimmicks.

Securely delete your files and disks today.