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Building great products since 2004

After thousands of requests from our customers to create a new privacy cleaner, Layer Solutions is proud to offer ioCleaner freely to everyone. Many customers were not satisfied with other tools on the market after it was discovered that they were sending their personal details back to the company's servers. Layer Solutions developed ioCleaner to be a drop-in replacement for such tools, with advanced features, and improved privacy options.

Layer Solution is the awesome team that created the popular products XP Repair Pro, PC Repair Tools, and Secure Shred and is a 100% US-based company. We have a global presence in 211 countries around the world. We are proud of our award-winning staff and products, and we are confident that you will have a great experience as our customer of any of our products, free or paid.

In 2004, the first version of our repair tool was released, which instantly became a massively popular product. XP Repair Pro was (and still is) a hugely popular product, running on close to a million PC's. After tens of millions of downloads, and always popular new releases, XP Repair Pro was rebranded from XP Repair Pro to PC Repair Tools, to reflect the changing nature of the product. PC Repair Tools is the same amazing product, but improved, and designed to cleanup and repair machines running Windows 10, all the way back to XP.

Its coming up on Fall 2018 and we have just released version 2.2 of ioCleaner, after rebuilding and redesigning ioCleaner to make it faster, smarter, and more robust than ever before. Try it and keep it for absolutely free.