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What is ioCleaner?

ioCleaner is a 100% free, powerful and easy-to-use, tool that removes traces of usage from your computer that could affect your privacy. Free up disk space and securely shred files and data so it is unrecoverable.

No spyware, adware, malware, popups, nag-screens to buy or donate. All features are always made available to the free version for all users. With a constantly evolving database of new applications being added to clean, ioCleaner is a must-have free product for Windows users.

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ioCleaner is the simple and safe solution for your computer privacy needs.

Easy to use interface

ioCleaner was designed to be both powerful and simple to use.

The intuitive interface allows you to easily choose which areas you want to clean, and scan them for preview, or simply clean them.

Safety measures are put into place to ensure you don't accidentally wipe out passwords or other data that you don't want to.



Shred files, folders, and disks

Did you know that deleting, and even emptying the recycle bin does not mean your files are gone?

Any person can download free tools online that can scan your drive and recover almost any file.

SecureShred ensures all of your data is gone, forever, and will be no longer recoverable, even by the most advanced forensics.

So what are you waiting for?

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